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Build a Sustainable Safety Framework for Your Business

Sicure Group is a workplace safety consulting and advisory service helping businesses manage employee health and safety risks and regulatory compliance since 2001.

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Our Approach to Safety Consulting

From an initial risk review and program gap assessment, to training and communication tools to safety committee and steering team coaching, Sicure Group helps you create a safety culture, boost productivity and improve employee morale.


Focus on Reducing Risk

We help you identify and target the greatest risks to your employees and use compliance as a tool to build a cohesive safety program.


Educate and Empower Your Team

We provide a roadmap, tools and training to integrate safety into your operations and build a safety mindset.


Measure Your Progress Proactively

We help you build systems to track preventive and corrective actions that improve safety.

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Empower Your Employees

Safety is a team sport and your staff will be successful if  given the right information and consistent support along the way. Our service includes:


  • a customized roadmap that lays out priorities and a step-by-step plan.

  • tools and guidance that will make it easy for your team to implement and achieve progress from month-to-month.

  • coaching for your managers, supervisors and safety committee members so that they can lead confidently, even if safety isn't their area of expertise.


Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Advice

We know you have a lot of responsibilities and that safety may not be your area of expertise. Let us help you. Sicure Group professionals strive to provide sound health and safety advice based on years of industry experience and  regulatory knowledge. We will save you the time, overwhelm and frustration of trying to figure out things on your own and keep you from “reinventing the wheel”. You will have peace of mind knowing you’re doing the right things at the right time. 

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Male engineer in hard hat meeting group of engineers


Integrate Safety into Existing Processes

You already have systems in place for managing workflows, training employees and troubleshooting problems as they arise. Now it's time to build in safety controls so that your systems run smoother and your employees stay on the job.  Sicure Group will meet you where you're at and help you build strategically and incrementally so that you're not putting out fires. We will partner with your team and leverage your existing practices and expertise to help you grow and expand consistently. 


What Our Clients Say

"Lynn has worked closely with us to understand our business and how we best need to evolve to ensure a safe workplace and to remain compliant. Lynn and the Sicure Group have been very hands-on in providing expertise and assistance across multiple areas including compliance, documentation, training and driving visibility and accountability to key safety topics. Sicure Group has absolutely been instrumental in helping us protect our most valuable resource…our people.”


Our Clients

We partner with business leaders and teams who have accountability for workplace safety and are looking for expertise to streamline the process and take away the overwhelm and frustration that comes along with juggling several priorities at once.


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